Fun live casino gaming experience with Winnerz

If you like playing games and winning prizes, this is the right site for you! Here at Winnerz, we make sure that all our players will have a worthwhile playing experience even in the comfort of their own homes. 

We also offer a wide roster of games that you can choose from whenever you want to have fun. With the convenience of having access to your favourite games 24/7, you’re guaranteed to have a fun and safe playing experience with us. 

With the wide variety of games we offer, you’ll find the game that suits you best. The majority of the games you can find are slots but we also host several live casino games on our site.

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What is a live casino? 

Live casino games are streamed live where you can interact with other players and the dealer. As the name suggests, these are the games that are hosted by professional dealers streamed in real-time. 

Playing them will remind you of the table games you’ll find in land casinos. The only difference is that they’re much more convenient. Quite similar to the usual setting, playing live casino games  allows you to play with other players from around the world. 

Playing in an online live casino will also show that you don’t have to step out of your house just to have a premium playing experience. Rather, you can simply check out our live games and see what luck has in store for you!

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Live casino games to play on Winnerz 

Included in our wide roster of games are several live games that will keep you entertained for hours. To ensure that you will have the best playing experience, Winnerz made sure to include several games for you to win huge prizes. 

Here are some of the games you should play:


Poker is the most popular card game in both traditional and online casinos. As a game of strategy and luck, you should ensure that you will end up with the best poker hand or use the best strategies to take the pot money home.

In this game, you are given a set of hole cards that you can match with the community cards. For an added thrill, you have to engage in several betting rounds as the community cards are revealed on the screen.

For a varied gaming experience, check out the different variants of poker featured here at Winnerz.


Roulette is another popular game you can find here at Winnerz. In this game, you must place your bets and predict where the ball will land before the croupier spins the wheel. Once the ball starts rolling, all you need to do is to wait and see if the bets you’ve placed match the game results. If so, you’re declared the winner of the round.

What makes this game exciting to play is that it lets you place generic and specific bets. These types of bets will determine how big your payout will be. You can also place several bets for more chances of winning.


The main objective of this game is for you to have a total card value of 9 or the closest to it. If you have a total card value of less than 5, the dealer can hand you another card.

What sets this game apart from other card games is that instead of playing against other players, it is played between a player and a dealer. In this game, you can bet on who among you and the dealer will have better cards. There are three bets you can place— the player, dealer, and tie bet.


In this game, you have to compete against the dealer and other players by having a total card value of 21 or closest to it without going over. Unlike other fast-paced card games, blackjack is not entirely dependent on luck since it allows you to strategize.

In each round, you have the chance to ask for another card that can increase the value of your hand. However, make sure not to go over the value of 21. If so, it is a ‘bust’ which means you lose. Keep an eye out because your decisions will have an impact on how you can win a match.


Craps is a popular cardless game many people enjoy. Here, you must guess the outcome of two dice rolled. Before the game starts, you need to place bets on your anticipated dice combinations that might show up. If you guess it right, you win.

This game has no strategy because it is entirely dependent on luck. This means that you will simply have to hope for the greatest possible combinations to win your bet back or even more.

Reputable game providers at Winnerz 

The aforementioned games were made possible because of the cutting-edge game providers that Winnerz works with. If you are wondering about the innovative teams that made them possible, here are the two major live casino game providers we work with: 

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Pragmatic Play 

Developed in 2015, Pragmatic Play is one of the top game providers in the iGaming industry. Throughout the years, they have poured their best efforts in creating promising games that made a huge impact in the casino gaming industry. Although they are best known for their wide array of impressive slot games, their live casino games are also worthy of everyone’s time. 

With their live games, you will also discover why Pragmatic Play earned several prestigious awards for their dedication to the gaming industry. Aside from the usual casino games, Pragmatic Play Live is also the cutting-edge developer behind our live games like Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Mega Wheel. 

Evolution Logo Purple

Evolution Gaming 

Evolution Gaming is another prestigious game provider you can find here at Winnerz established in 2006. This company is known for its passion for creating entertaining and dynamic live games, unlike other developers that are focused on creating online slots

The company has generated a large number of games that are hosted by experienced dealers in their facilities. With their two fully equipped state-of-the-art production studios located in Latvia and Malta, they have consistently provided an excellent real-time gaming experience for their players.

What makes this game provider more interesting is that aside from traditional casino games, they also have other live games which prove their creativity. Aside from the aforementioned games, Evolution is also responsible for Winnerz’s other live games like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Dragon Tiger, and Side Bet City.

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The secret behind live casino games 

Online casino developers like Pragmatic Play Live and Evolution Gaming use cutting edge technology that makes live game broadcasts possible. If you are amazed by how they can manage your bets and engage you in a real-time playing experience, here’s what makes it possible!

The main technological equipment used in ​​live casino games is known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It allows you to engage in live casino action with the help of live dealers. Despite how impressive this technology is, the game is still headed by professional dealers.

The use of OCR also guarantees that the games are not rigged. Every action and detail in the game room or studio)will be captured and shown to the players using the OCR.

There are special equipment used together with the OCR. Here are some of them:

They are responsible for capturing what happens in the studio. More often than not, there are at least three cameras used for every broadcast. One camera for the overview, for the wheel or table, and an in-picture display.

With a monitor, game developers can control what players see. This also allows players to keep track of all the bets they’ve made. It also makes it possible for dealers to respond to their players’ concerns using the live chat feature.

Game Control Unit
The GCU is a little box attached beneath the table. Its function is to interpret all game data and convert it into encoded data that the computer can understand. As a result, this one is absolutely critical to stream the game live.

If it weren’t for the folks who work behind the scenes, none of this equipment would work properly. People who understand how to run their technologies smoothly are the main secret of successful live game broadcasts. Some of the most important staff in any live casino game are the dealers, cameramen, and tech team.

Why you should play live games here at Winnerz 

Now that you know what makes live games interesting, here are some of the reasons why you should play with us here at Winnerz! 


By playing here at Winnerz, you can play whenever and wherever you want. It also spares you from the hassle of visiting a land-based casino just to place your bets. Worry no more because the majority of the games are available across multiple platforms whether on PC or mobile phones. 


Join our community and be qualified to claim the bonuses we have in store for you! By playing with us regularly and meeting our wagering requirements, you can enjoy our special bonuses that can increase your account credits. With these, you can get the most out of your live playing experience!

Instant game access 

Unlike in traditional casinos where you have to wait for casino tables to be vacated, you can easily play your preferred games online! By simply clicking on any game of your choice and joining the available servers, you now have the chance to take the pot money home. 

Real-time games 

Playing slots is great. However, nothing beats the thrill of playing with professional dealers. With the help of live casino games, you can enjoy the same luxurious gaming experience even when you’re simply in front of your screen!

Recorded game histories 

Inside land casinos, you may get too carried away with your games and lose track of how much you’ve already spent. This isn’t the case for online casinos as Winnerz allows you to keep track of your gaming history. This will help you keep track of how much you’ve spent and earned during your time with us!


Got some questions in mind? Here are some of our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Spoiler title

You can use deposit bonuses and cashbacks to increase your playing credits. To know how to be eligible for these bonuses, make sure to check out our promotions page.

How do I know if the games are recorded live?

You can prove this by communicating with the live dealer of your chosen game through the in-game live chat function. If you are too shy to start an interaction, you may simply observe how dealers or hosts answer some of the messages that appear on the live chat.

Any tips on how to win live casino games?

Live casino games are merely based on luck. This is why there’s no guaranteed way on how to win them. Still, the best advice we can give is to learn the basics and understand the rules of your preferred game. Once you learn the rules, make sure to always be responsible with your bankroll. You can do this by making sure that you’ll only spend what you can afford to lose.

Now that you know more about our online live casino, make sure to play with us here at Winnerz! By trying your luck in these fun-filled games that happen in real-time, you can experience being thrilled by the outcome of your own choices and strategies. Should you be lucky enough to bag home massive wins, you will know that you can truly be a winner here at Winnerz casino!