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Welcome to Winnerz Casino

Everybody wants to be a winner but only a few can get Lady Luck’s blessings in a game. That’s why you should play games of luck at Winnerz Casino. Play with the best luck with the help of our generous bonus offers to win huge payouts in every session

Winnerz Casino was established in 2022 when the online gambling industry was already thriving. It had to compete with hundreds of other amazing platforms but it stood out as among the best. What made Winnerz an ideal platform for online casino gaming is its fast services, reliable accessibility, and partnership with the top game providers.

Join Winnerz Casino and become one of the lucky players who can take home the jackpot prize of our top-rated casino games. You can win them all in one lucky night or over the course of small sessions everyday with bonuses’ help. If you are interested, then here is everything you need to know as a newcomer:

5000+ games

at your fingertips

What to expect from Winnerz Casino

Winnerz Casino has plenty to offer starting from the large selection of games to the amazingly generous promotions. You can take a look at all of the titles from the top game providers in the gambling industry. All of them are sorted neatly into different categories based on gameplay design.

If you are new to online gambling, then you’d be happy to know that each of these games are designed to closely resemble their land-based counterparts. Different game providers simply explore new ways to present them either by adding more entertaining elements or overhauling them to give the player full control over pacing. 

Each of the following game categories will take you to a page featuring the best titles available at Winnerz. They feature the same gameplay but exclusive traits in each one can give you unique experiences. Try as many as you can to choose a favourite that you can play every time you visit Winnerz Casino.

sweet bonanza candyland.drop and wins tournamentSuomalainen Roulettepowerup roulette.drop and wins tournamentcrazy pachinkooCrazy Coinflipboom city.drop and wins tournament

Live Casino

All games under the Live Casino category are interactive streaming service versions of popular table games like baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette. This features physical pieces of equipment that are important to the game and a charming dealer who hosts the game for any number of participants at a time. All actions made by the dealer are recorded at a remote studio using state of the art technology.

Such games require multiple high definition cameras with smart sensor technology that can interpret gestures and outcomes of every round. What they scanned are then presented on your screen and recorded in your session’s history. You can place your bets on the options available using the game’s dynamic heads-up display (HUD) that changes with the game mode.

Every player participating in the same game is given their own interactive HUD for placing their bets instead of everyone sharing the same board. This system keeps betting an orderly action compared to land casinos where tables can be messy because many players are using the same betting board.

Live casino games are also faster than regular table games because most of the actions that confuses the dealer are now gone. The dealer focuses on shuffling the cards, throwing the dice, or spinning the wheel while the computer helps collect everyone’s bets and keep an accurate record. Everyone is then given their payouts immediately after every round.

What makes Winnerz Live Casino more exciting than most gambling sites is its partnership with Evolution and NetEnt. These game providers develop live games that are inspired by game shows so you can enjoy fun unique gameplays like Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. If you prefer a more traditional style of casino games, then you should try Pragmatic Play’s fancy roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games.

The live casino category will also contain auto roulette, a version of the popular table game that uses mechanical equipment but no dealer. The game progresses automatically but with a faster pace and more consistent rhythm. This is achieved by removing the dealer as an element so the seconds they spend gesturing for opening and closing betting windows are skipped.

Magic PokerPerfect Strategy BlackjackPremier Blackjack with Side Betsturbo pokerbaccarat baccBack Blackjack

Table Games

Table games refer to many popular casino games found in the previous category like baccarat, poker, and roulette. However, there are no game shows and they rarely get any form of additional elements to shake things up. This category is dedicated to giving you a simpler version of popular games that typically relies on the presence of a dealer. 

The biggest difference between Winnerz Casino table games from their table-top counterparts is how their outcomes are determined by a random number generator (RNG). This gives you a wild combination of possibilities faster than physically shuffling a deck of cards. Some of these even have options to play on turbo or skip the animation for instant gaming. 

Another and most important advantage that the Table Game category has over traditional setups is how it can give the player full control over pacing. There is no timer to beat and no dealers or other players to wait for you to end your turn. You may take all of the time you need thinking of which option to bet on. 

Table Games also often include most if not all of the side bets in their traditional versions. This gives players more betting options that come with their main bets so they have a chance to win large payouts after every round. Side bets are often omitted from Live Casino versions to simplify the game for low-stakes players. 

There are plenty of versions of the same title in Live Casino as each link takes you to a specific table with unique conditions such as betting limits. Titles under Table Games have flexible ante size ranging from €0.01 as the lowest and €50 or more as the highest. This setting makes it possible to play however casual or aggressive as you wish.

action boost gladiatorBig Bass Splashdog house megawaysExtra ChilliGates Of OlympusSizzling Hot Deluxe

Slot Games

The most popular category for RNG-based betting is the Slot Games category. It is extremely versatile thanks to its simple rules that can be executed in any way that the HTML5 would allow. This category is the most popular among creative game providers whose mission is to develop engaging slot games.

Slots only have one process of events starting with placing a bet followed by pressing a button then ending at a random outcome determined by the RNG. Just like Table Games titles, these have a wide range of ante sizes starting with €0.01 as the lowest and €50 or more as the highest.

Most of the game providers partnered with Winnerz are dedicated to developing slot games mostly. Nolimit City, Red Tiger Gaming, and Play’n GO are among the best in the gambling industry with their highly creative slot game formats as well as fun aesthetic presentations. 

The standard form of slots use reels with 3, 5, or 7 rows where symbols roll from top to bottom. Similar symbols have to land on the same rows or paylines to get a win. As time goes by, more ideas are introduced to the slot game industry that opens new ideas for future projects. 

Many of these ideas are patented like Nolimit City’s xNudge feature while others are free for all game providers like cascade. This feature will remove the winning symbols out of the grid; the vacancy it left is filled with new ones from the top. Cascade is great for starting chain effects of wins.

Some slots move away from the traditional square grid with rolling reels and instead introduce other puzzle-like elements. Among the most frequent examples are colour matching games like Play’n GO’s Jammin’ Jars where you just need similar-coloured symbols to form a cluster. Other games will still follow the traditional 5-reel format but their wild symbols have unique properties that greatly separates their experience from the others.

video pokerturbo pokerfirst person video pokercarribean poker imageMagic PokerCasino Hold Em

Poker Live Casino

Poker is mostly known as a multiplayer game between three or more players on the same table. Poker Live Casino titles follow many of the same rules with the biggest difference being how it’s a game between you and fate. As with all poker versions, these games still use the five-card winning hand hierarchy but it only takes one turn per round. Thus, it’s a fast-paced game with a varying payout. 

The arrangement is simple as you sit opposite to a dealer who gives one card alternatingly between your hand and the dealer’s. What follows depends on the version of the game. Some live poker formats follow popular versions like Texas Hold’Em where you both get two then there are five cards laid on the community board. For games like five-card draws, you both get five cards and there is no board. 

Unlike traditional poker, players hide their cards so the other players don't have their advantages or lack thereof. Poker Live Casino games will have the players’ hand revealed while the dealer’s cards are either completely hidden or partially revealed with one or two facing up. This is the setup because the dealer can’t make decisions. Calling a bet, raising for more, or folding is entirely up to you so you control your fate at a Poker Live Casino game.

Also unlike traditional versions, there is no pot in live poker and payout size varies per version. Some pay 1:1 but have two betting stages. The first is where you place a bet before the cards are dealt, then you decide whether to fold or stake an equal amount to your initial ante. Another version where only you get cards. Instead, you just need to form the best five-card combination per bet and win the payout associated with the rank of your hand.

megaway provider game


Megaways are all also under the Slot Game category. It has reels, rows, special symbols, and jackpot bonuses. However, these games stand out thanks to having the Megaway feature. It’s a fun spin on slot games that increases the hit rate in tandem with the size of the grid.

It removes the payline where matching symbols need to align to get a win. This time, you just need one copy of a symbol on every succeeding reel starting from the left-most column. A mega way slot will count every row in each reel with a copy of the winning symbol as a new route to win so you can get more than one combination per round.

A regular payline slot will only have 20 to a hundred ways to win in every spin because they are limited by space and line arrangement. Megaways, on the other hand, can have hundreds of thousands ways to win. Madame Destiny Megaways from Pragmatic Gaming has exactly 200,704 ways to win. By contrast, Bonanza from Big Time Gaming is among the earliest games to feature the Megaways mechanic and it has 117,649.

Another exciting element from Megaway slots is how they can have so much more variation in symbol combinations. The number of rows doesn’t matter anymore so every reel can have as many as seven symbols while it is also possible to fill a 4x4 position with one big symbol. Some slot games have ones big enough to fill a column. 

Every slot can interpret big blocks differently as some see them as a cluster of four symbols while others just count it as one. The former is ideal because this means that it counts as multiple ways to win if paired with at least one symbol on the left. 

Megaways can be paired with all features present in payline slot games with cascade being the most popular. The hit rate is higher so the combo streak is indefinite. A single ante has a high chance of winning more than twice on a Megaways slot game so keep spinning until you are satisfied.

Feature Buy

Part of the fun in playing a slot game is hoping for the chance that you hit a special feature triggering a combo that will give you big cash prizes by the end. The most popular of this is the scatter mode where you get free spins and large multipliers if you get three scatter symbols in a spin. 

However, this is usually difficult to achieve because a short session can’t guarantee that it will appear even at least once. If you would like to, you may try the games at the Feature Buy category. Pricing varies widely per title as some can reach more than 100x the base bet while others are only 75x or less. The price often depends on the game’s maximum winnings and the likelihood of hitting big wins per scatter mode. 

All games under Feature Buy have a special option where you can stake a large amount of money to automatically trigger the bonus feature like scatter mode. The prize you get from these special bets vary between 50% of the amount you spent and the game’s maximum payout. 

Straightforward generous promotions

Winnerz makes it a point to present all of its offerings in an easy to read manner. This way, players only need to take a glance and spend more time thinking of creative ways to apply them to their gambling sessions. Here are simple yet generous bonuses that you can opt for in Winnerz. 

There is a welcome bonus for your first and second deposits that you can claim instantly. These contain a fixed total of 350 free spins no matter how much you deposited. They also don’t expire so you may play with the initial 200 spins for months before you decide to claim the remaining 150. 

Although the second deposit bonus has 50 less free spins on offer, it has even more exciting benefits that are permanent to your account. As soon as you place your second deposit, you can claim your 150 free spins and look forward to automatic daily cashback. This benefit entitles you to 10% of your bets every day up to €500. 

On top of that, you can also get mystery bonuses every week starting on the first Tuesday since you placed your second deposit. This bonus varies each time between free spins and payout boost from certain games. Always look forward to them to improve your chances of winning right here at Winnerz Casino. 

XXXtreme Lightning RouletteRise of Olympus 100 418x564pxnetent.starburst.7600c1.oldMoon Princess 100millionaireBook of Dead

Why choose Winnerz?

Winnerz is the new casino in the online gambling industry and it has a lot to prove against other websites. However, it is by no means lacking in what makes a good gaming platform service. Gamblers can come and see what Winnerz can offer so you, too, can be a winner in games of chances. 

Luck is a fickle mistress so you can never get a reliable rate of returns if you play blindly. Rather than betting blindly, you need ways to minimise losses. Winnerz is your ally in the endeavour of looking for a fun way to kill time and win real cash so we offer the following helpful services:

Time is just as valuable as money if not more as the seconds you spent waiting for your transactions to process could have been spent playing. Winnerz simplifies that process by making them instant. Send funds from your personal bank and you can play immediately right after.

Winnerz follows the standard know-your-customer (KYC) protocol as it accepts fiat deposits. This is to ensure that your money only travels between your Winnerz account and your personal bank account. Winnerz can automate this process on your behalf so validation is both quick and hassle-free.

You can rest assured that any payment partners will handle your funds carefully and swiftly under any circumstances. Since your Winnerz account is paired directly with your bank, you may switch between different payment methods without having to redo the validation process. Just verify that it is you and you can enjoy fast deposits and immediate play time as if you didn’t change finance partners.
Winnerz follows a ‘cashback on total bets’ so you can recover 10% of the amount you have spent regardless of whether you successfully won them back. That means you can potentially play your next session with more money on your account than what you won from the last time. More funds always mean more chances of winning and thus a bigger amount of money to eventually withdraw when you feel like it.

You can treat your cashback rewards as your daily funds so you can limit your deposits to fewer times per week rather than daily. Alternatively, you can deposit a flexible rate every time you play. Just send enough funds in addition to last time’s cashback reward to complete your desired bankroll. Many players prefer playing with a specific amount to maintain a consistent pace in gambling.

The daily cashback is a lot better than a match deposit bonus because it scales with your gaming preference rather than your starting funds. With match deposit bonuses, the same offering meant for casual players won’t satisfy high rollers and high stakes bonuses will have steep requirements that casual players can’t enjoy. All you have to do to make the most of a daily cashback bonus is to continue playing throughout the given time period until it is time to claim the rewards.
Withdrawals usually take a week on other sites but Winnerz can give it as soon as the selected payment method allows. It can be instant if the size withdrawn is small so feel free to reap the fruits of your gaming session. This is done thanks to the pay and play mechanic that made deposits as fast as possible.

Having to wait for your winnings to come to your account can ruin the experience of playing fast-paced games of luck. This is the same for having to wait for deposits to complete their transfer before playing. That’s why Winnerz partners with only the best financial institutions in the world, to ensure that the rush you feel when playing can keep going. Continuing the hype momentum is the best way to enjoy any game, especially ones that reward you with real cash.
Winnerz makes it easy to stand out from most online casinos thanks to its clean user interface. There is no cluttered long list of links to navigate around the website. All you need is a few handy tabs at the top of any webpage to switch between games, promotions, and the homepage. At the games page, you can browse through all titles or sort them out by subcategories.

You can filter the large selection of games using the webpage’s three simple features. The first and most precise is the search engine. Simply type the title or a word in the title of the game you are looking for. This will assemble all of the games with similar names from different game providers.

The second helpful feature is the filter where you can choose one or more game providers to appear on the list. This is great for players looking for new games to play as the best way to start searching is to see other titles made by the developers who made their favorite. Speaking of which, you can mark any game that you loved so you can return to them at any time. Just use the third useful filtering tool called ‘favorite’ to only see marked games.
Winnerz is among the online casinos that have adapted to the changing times. You can play all games on Winnerz Casino on any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Likewise, you may also play on a desktop platform. Winnerz is optimised to work on any device with access to the internet. You just need to use a supported web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Having flexible access to Winnerz from different devices has plenty of advantages. The first and simplest is how you decide which is most comfortable for you. Another benefit is simply the matter of which kind of device is available for you in the first place. The best advantage revolves around app interaction as many modern payment systems help you make easy transactions on the same device.
cashback promo

Winnerz deposit basics

Registering at Winnerz activates your Member Account. It is paired with your bank account and personal information so you are the only person entitled to use it. You need to have enough funds in your Member Account for at least one bet to play any game on Winnerz Casino. That means your lowest required funds should be either €0.01 or €0.02 depending on the game that you wish to play. You cannot place a bet that is higher than the amount left in your account. 

Many slot games in Winnerz won’t show the currency symbol and would instead just write the number representing the amount of the ante. Just know that every bet is 1:1 of your Members Account bankroll unless it uses a coin multiplier feature where one bet is equal to 10x coins. In which case, please refer to the total bet size or adjust the multiplier to 1x. 

Sending funds to your Members Account is easy, you just need to follow the instructions provided at the deposit page. Steps and requirements may vary between different payment methods so read the instructions carefully if you are not used to that option. Winnerz can accept many deposits from banks outside of Europe but they need to be converted into euros. All fees regarding the transaction will apply immediately. Winnerz doesn’t have a deposit limit but there is a minimum amount of €20 per transaction.

Winnerz withdrawal basics

Withdrawals are just as easy as deposits. Your only requirement is that it can’t be less than €25 per withdrawal. The amount should also account for the eventual transaction fees but the rate depends on your chosen payment method and whether it needs to be converted or not. 

Unlike deposits, withdrawals have a limit of up to €10,000 per day to avoid traffic in the payment systems’ networks. You can withdraw this much every day but there is a monthly limit of up to €150,000, too. You can continue winning prizes from your favourite games then withdraw them at the start of the next month.

These conditions are not set in stone. You can contact the operator at Winnerz to set your Members Account to have lower or higher maximum withdrawals on certain periods. Your history of activities is studied to see if the proposed changes will fit your play style so it’s better to play for a long time before contacting them. 

Withdrawals go through the same payment system that you used to place your last deposit for a quick transaction. There are ways to change them on the withdrawal page if you wish to switch payment partners. Changing banks to receive your money, however, is a more challenging action but it can be done with help from Winnerz’s customer service. 

Winnerz cannot send your withdrawals to a third-party wallet. You can use the platform’s payment system but it has to go straight between your Members Account to your personal bank account. An example of this arrangement is with PayPal and Skrill which both have money transfer services as well as online wallet features. You can only use its money transfer to transfer funds between two accounts.

recharge icon

Deposit and play to get started at Winnerz

You can play casino games’ fun mode by clicking on the ‘demo’ link without needing to make an account. This way, you can test any game or just have fun without placing stakes. You should only make a Members Account once you are ready to play for real and win real cash prizes.

Once you have decided that you want to win real money, then click on the ‘deposit and play’ link on the upper right corner of any page. This will take you to a simple form where you will put your email address, password, and contact information. Please indicate which country you are from so Winnerz can determine your mobile area code. 

The email address can be whichever active account you are using so it’s not necessary to be paired with your bank account. You will receive important notifications from Winnerz involving exciting new promotions or to confirm withdrawals and deposits. Likewise, this is also how customer service can contact you for important information regarding your Members Account.

Passwords can be anything at Winnerz Casino so you can choose your favourite, come up with a new one, or use a password generator for extra security. It’s often better to stick with your favourite so you can always remember it rather than having to keep new notes all of the time. Using a password you know well is also helpful when you wish to make some changes with your Member Account with help from customer service. 

Your mobile number needs to be from the area code that you have chosen. It should also be the contact information that you are sure that you won’t discard anytime soon. You may use a temporary phone number but you have to notify Winnerz when you will eventually plan to replace it through customer service. Replacing your paired contact detail is easy as long as the operator can reach you. Likewise, you should report to customer service if your phone is stolen so you can update your contact details immediately. 

As mentioned, Winnerz follows the KYC protocol mandated by banking laws around the world. This is a safety measure that ensures the operator and the bank that the person using these services is the real owner. It is only thanks to the pay and play system that steps to complete these are simplified. 

If an account is protected by KYC, then the bank can grant you authority to send or receive funds from Winnerz Casino at any time. Many feel uncomfortable sharing such important details but don’t worry because we value every player's security. Both Winnerz, your bank, and the chosen third-party payment method are all protecting your identity. Adherence to the KYC protocol is followed only to protect your account and your funds from identity theft.

Gamblers who already have a Winnerz Casino account just need to click on the ‘keep playing’ link to log in. This will take you to an easier entry page as you simply need to validate your ownership of an existing account. Remember to always log out of your account after every gambling session to protect it from hackers. Special computer viruses can steal your information or control your account remotely and logging out is the best way to keep them at bay.

Join Winnerz

Winnerz customers deserve the best customer service

You can reach out to Winnerz Live Casino customer service through two reliable means. The first one is using the live chat which you can open by tapping on the speech bubble symbol. It brings you a form that you can fill with information including your name, email address, and message regarding your issues.

The said form also has the capacity to upload files such as pictures, screenshots, or documents that can help your case. Please detail your concerns as thoroughly and as legibly as possible as this information will be studied by a representative of Winnerz Casino.

Said representative will reach out to you through email to either help solve the issue or engage in a conversation to better understand the situation. Please respond and answer inquiries to the best of your ability so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

The other means to contact Winnerz is through the email information provided at the same page as the form. This is for you to use if you prefer composing a letter using a different messaging platform. Please note that this won’t be a live conversation but customer service will respond as soon as possible.